Mmmmm, Bacon! For the third year, we will have delicious Pastured Pork Boxes! This year we will have Berkshire/ Tamworth cross pigs. These are wonderful for grazing, and they produce delicious, high-quality, nutritious meat!

All of our pork is naturally raised, allowed to forage and access feed, and humanely handled in our herd of 10 animals. We can give individual attention to each animal, making sure that all of their needs are met and that they have clean water, a dry place to rest, and plenty to eat. 

It's easy to buy your pork straight from the producer - us! Our Pork Boxes will be about 16 lbs and a mixture of your favourite products - all in one freezer-ready box, delivered right to your door!* They should be available in July .

Each year we will buy some young weanling pigs to raise on our farm. When they are big enough we will put them up for sale! This will usually be in the fall.

Select your package from the list below, then order here. As we receive orders, the images will "fill up". Once 100% of the pork has been ordered we will send it to be butchered.

We will bring the pigs to an Alberta inspected facility to be butchered, cut and wrapped. It will take a week or two, and then when it is ready, we will arrange delivery of your pork - right to your door!* All deliveries must take place on the day we pick up the pork, so please make appropriate arrangements. Delivery arrangements will be made via email.

* We deliver to addresses in Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Carstairs, Crossfield, Airdrie & Calgary. Delivery north of Olds would include an additional delivery fee unless local pickup was arranged.

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