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The main principles of Regenerative Agriculture are:

Boosting Soil Wellness,

Increasing Water Permeation & Retention,

Improving Farm Resilience,

and Reducing Dependence on Chemical Inputs

At Beef & Greens Farm, we are working to improve different areas of land, both overworked, and underworked. We graze our beef herd in the summer using rotational grazing and mob-stocking (leaving the animals on a smaller piece of pasture for a short period of time, then moving on quickly). We then follow the cows with the chickens, who work through the manure looking for grubs, and spread the fertilizer around without using a tractor. In the winter, we unroll the hay bales and graze the cattle out in the pasture.

This is working very well on the land that had been neglected. The cows are returning nutrients and organic matter (manure and leftover hay) to the soil, we don't need to use machinery, and the land is already showing higher drought resilience, plant diversity, and thriving earthworms and frogs. Oh, and healthy cows too, without needing chemical dewormers, steroids, or antibiotics. Healthy soil makes healthy animals, and healthy food for you! 


All of our beef is naturally raised, grass-fed and finished, and humanely handled in our small herd. We can give individual attention to each animal, making sure that all of their needs are met and that they have clean water, dry bedding, and plenty of grass or hay to eat. And as we get better at doing what we do, we can continue bringing our best to you!

How to Buy Our Beef...

2024 Pre-Order will open in September! We will have our custom orders available for sale, and delivery is October or November! Email us to be notified when

pre-orders open each year.

A custom beef order means that you get to choose how your beef is cut. Then we deliver it wrapped and frozen, right to your door!*



We have a few beef available each year for custom orders. Here are some of the details:

beef cuts-01.jpg

$6.00/lb "on the hook"

(This means carcass weight, before aging)

Includes kill, cut & wrap, and delivery.

Dry-Aged approximately 21 days (give or take)

You choose the way that the meat is cut (for quarters, you may need to match cuts with another customer)

Slaughter will be done on-farm by licenced personnel.

Cut & Wrap will be done by Savoury Meats in Sundre AB.

Delicious and Healthy, grass fed beef is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and a healthy ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids.

A great way to bring the best Alberta beef to your family!

Email Us to get on the Waiting List or Head to the Shop to put down a Deposit.

* We deliver to addresses between Red Deer & Calgary. Delivery outside this area would include an additional delivery fee unless local pickup was arranged.
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