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Our Pastured Poultry program begins with chickens. We believe that they are the tastiest birds you can get! They are raised only during the summer, when we can put them out on fresh, growing grass to forage and scratch to their heart's content. They will be processed at a provincially inspected facility, and delivered to you the day that they are ready!*

We raise Cornish Cross ("Meat King") chickens. When the birds are treated right, they are perfectly healthy and grow quickly. The result is tasty, lean meat for your dinner table! Each bird will be about 5 lbs. For 2 people, this should work out to 3 meals with leftovers! Price is $20 per chicken.

For Summer 2019, we will run 1 round of 150 chickens. They will be ready in mid July. We will possibly run a second round if we sell out. Order early to ensure you get your birds!​

* We deliver to addresses in Olds, Didsbury, Carstairs, Crossfield, Airdrie & Calgary. Delivery north of Olds would include an additional delivery fee unless local pickup was arranged.