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Control of your food supply is in your hands. We raise natural, nutritious food: grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and free-range pork. All right here in Mountain View County, AB!


Choose what you want, how you want. Beef boxes for 2 or 4 people. Pork boxes for 2 or 4, BBQ Pork boxes, Chickens, or a mixed box of Beef, Pork & Chicken. Check us out, and let us be your local farmer!


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Summer 2019


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Available Summer 2019



For a detailed explanation of CSA and why you are so important to us, see



We are Beef & Greens, also known as Aron & Aleah de Gier. Aron is the Pasture Manager, and Aleah is the Stay-at-Home Labour! We farm on a small acreage in rural Mountain View County, and we love it!


We are committed to providing you with the best, most nutritious, highest quality food that we can produce! We believe in doing things naturally, because Nature knows best!

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What is CSA? Scroll down to learn all about it!

Farming isn't easy. But it's worth it! What we need is a little

support to get our season started. That's where you come in!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you get involved, you help local farmers break away from the competitive food industry. We can't compete in price or volume with imported food. But the meat we raise and the veggies we grow are fresh, delicious, and nutritious!

By buying a beef  or pork box or signing up for a chicken or veggie share and paying up front, you give us the capital we need to pay the butcher, order chicks and buy seeds and compost. This allows us to get your food to your table at a minimum risk, and you can share in the rewards of the season with us! It's a pretty tasty return on investment!

Read more about our boxes and plans here.


It's 2020 and bigger than ever!
2019 was an exciting year for our farm. 
We brought back veggie shares and attended the Sundre Farmer's Market. We also tried out goats for our family and learned that they don't really fit in here. But our Beef and Pork boxes went really well, and we're looking forward to doing more of that!
We might be doing pork twice this year, in July and in October. It depends on the piglets we can get! 
CSA Veggie boxes will be available again in Mountain View County only, and we'll be back at the Farmer's Market as well! I'll also try to blog more so you can read about our adventures!


"Farming is the life-blood flowing in our veins. We absolutely love waking up to a rooster crowing, and hearing the cows bellowing out in the fields! The only kind of world I want to live in is one where my children can grow up with rubber boots on their feet and a hay fork in their hands!"                             ~ Aleah de Gier


This year, we have bought our steers from local farmers and friends of ours. This means we know exactly how they were raised from birth until they day we deliver the meat to your door! These wonderful farmers are all from Mountain View County, and we love the quality of the animals we bought from them!
Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you choose us to be your Local Farmers! There is nothing better than doing what you love, and for us, that's bringing you the best our farm can offer, right to your door!


Have questions? No problem! Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!




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