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Beef & Greens

Grassfed Beef.
Pastured Pork.
Free Range Eggs.

Right to your door.

The Small Farm Advantage -
Bringing our Best to You!
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A different way to get farm-fresh, local, sustainably raised food!


There's nothing wrong with pink pigs or Angus cows. But there is a big problem with how the food industry raises the animals that we eat.

Control of your food supply is in your hands. We raise natural, nutritious food: grass-fed and finished beef, free range eggs, and pastured pork. And we do it using Regenerative Farming practices. 

All right here in Mountain View County, AB!


Choose what you want, how you want. Customize your order the way you like it. Quarter, half or whole beef. Half or Whole hogs. Let us be your local farmer!

Grass-Fed Beef
Pastured Pork


Fall 2024


Spring 2024

* Free Range Eggs are only available for local customers in Olds, Didsbury, and Sundre.


We are Beef & Greens, also known as Aron & Aleah de Gier. Aron is the Pasture Manager, and Aleah is the Stay-at-Home Labour! We farm on a small acreage in rural Mountain View County, and we're training 3 kids to follow in our footsteps!


We are committed to providing you with the best, most nutritious, highest quality food that we can produce! We believe in doing things naturally, because Nature knows best!

There is a lot happening on the farm. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or join our email list to keep up on the latest and greatest!


The Earth has served us well for thousands of years. But some of the modern farming techniques have done more harm than good, leaving soil damaged and killing off the beneficial insects and bacteria (along with the bad).

Regenerative Farming seeks to reverse as much of the damage as possible, strategically using animals to rebuild soil health and provide a more suitable environment for the microbiome to return to normal. Because when the soil is healthy, it produces healthy forage for the animals. Animals raised on high quality forage (pasture grasses and hay), produce nutrient-dense meat that is higher in Omega fatty acids and protein, among other benefits.

Check out our Beef and Pork pages for information on which Regenerative practices we use with each type of animal on our farm. We can already see a big difference on the land we're using, and the quality of the meat is amazing!

What is CSA
2024 is here, and it marks the 8th year for our small family farm!
We have made some big changes since we started  
We've figured out what we're good at, and let go of what was holding us back or just not working. We have begun to focus solely on custom beef quarters and halves. We now offer custom pork halves and wholes, twice a year!
We are getting the hang of Artificial Insemination, and we will have beef from animals born on our farm, and more piglets than we can shake a stick at! This method of breeding allows us to select better genetics and grow our herds on a much lower budget than having bulls or boars around.
These days, things are hard for a lot of people, ourselves included. But in choosing to farm the way we do, we have been shielded from the worst of the trouble. We are hoping that we can pass on a little of that blessing to our customers, by keeping our prices as low as we can (and still stay in business!), helping you bring great food to your family at a more affordable cost.
We still have a lot of decisions to make about whether we'll return to chickens, veggies or micro greens. We sincerely hope that this is the year that we finally get to buy or lease more land. We have no idea what the future may hold, but we love what we do!


"Farming is the life-blood flowing in our veins. We absolutely love waking up to a rooster crowing, and hearing the cows bellowing out in the fields! The only kind of world I want to live in is one where my children can grow up with rubber boots on their feet and a hay fork in their hands!"                             ~ Aleah de Gier
Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you choose us to be your Local Farmers! There is nothing better than doing what you love, and for us, that's bringing you the best our farm can offer, right to your door!

Have questions? No problem! Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


Thank you! We'll be in touch.


We are located in Mountain View County, Alberta. Close to Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre.

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